St. Stephen Cemetery

New Mausoleum:

This building will feature 96 crypts and 90 niches. 




St. Stephen Parish Cemetery

Revised 2018

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The primary goal of St. Stephen Cemetery is to provide a dignified burial place for the faithful departed. We offer services and facilities in harmony with the teaching of the Church, and show a degree of care that reflects the spiritual values inherent in the tradition of Catholic burial.


Guidelines are designed for the express purpose of governing the activities in the cemetery for the mutual protection and benefit of the lot holder and the cemetery as a whole. They are established with certain restrictions to ensure uniformity and control within the cemetery grounds.


These guidelines are not intended to be restraining or all inclusive, but rather to define an orderly plan of operation, care and permanent maintenance. These provisions may be amended by St. Stephen Cemetery at any time.  Your cooperation is appreciated.



The information listed below is provided as a guideline to assist you, a personal appointment will provide you with the detail you need to make the best decision for your needs.



INTERMENTS – General Pricing Guidelines & Interment Options Available

The Catholic Church now accepts Cremation as an acceptable alternative to the standard interment. The following options for cremated and standard burial are available at St. Stephen:


  • Single Grave - $900
    One grave/lot may hold one full casket or two cremated remains. An additional right of burial may be purchased to permit a cremains burial with a full casket burial. Additional fees apply for opening and foundation.  Vaults are purchased through your funeral director

  • Cremains Grave - $500
    One cremated remains per grave. Additional fees apply for opening and foundation.

  • Columbarium Niche - $1,800  - $2,100 (Located at horseshoe driveway in cemetery)
    One niche can accommodate the cremated remains of one or two people. This includes the opening and inscription fees.

  • St. Francis of Assisi Mausoleum - Crypt - $3,350 - $3,850
    One crypt can accommodate one full casket burial. Additional fees apply for opening and inscriptions. An additional right of burial would allow one cremation with a full casket burial.

  • St. Francis of Assisi Mausoleum  - Niche - $1,500 - $2,000
    One niche can accommodate the cremated remains of one or two people. Additional fees apply for opening(s), urn and inscription(s).



Opening Fees

Opening fees range from $900.00 to $1,380.00 depending on type of burial. Additional fees apply on Saturdays and all prices are subject to change.



Foundation Pricing

Foundations are required for all monuments at St. Stephen cemetery and are poured by our licensed contractor. The minimum charge is for a 2’ foundation on a single lot with a maximum of 4’ available on a double lot. Payment in full required prior to installation. Currently  $185.00/sq.ft.



Immediate Need Services

If you are making a purchase for immediate interment, payment will be required in full at the time services are rendered.



Pre-Need Services - No-Interest Payment Plans Now Available

All lots, niches and crypts in St. Stephen Cemetery are sold with the approval of the parish pastor. All purchases require a down payment. For payments to be made in full within one month, a 25% deposit is required. Those wishing for an extended payment plan, beyond one month, must enroll in the FACTS Program. The FACTS Program is an interest free way to have your payments spread out over a one year, two year, or three year period with payments made directly out of a bank account of your choice. This can be arranged through our business office. Costs that may be included cover the right of burial in a lot, niche or crypt and its permanent maintenance. You may choose to include the opening and inscription fees at the current rates with balance due of any increases at time of actual need. This only requires a $41.00 annual fee paid directly to FACTS MGT.





  1. No trees or shrubs shall be planted on the cemetery grounds except those planted at the direction of the pastor.
  2. Please note that no glass of any kind is permitted in the cemetery.
  3. Unsightly, hazardous, or uncared for flowers, containers, wreaths, urns, etc., will be removed without notice at the discretion of the caretaker.
  4. No decorations of any kind may be placed on the face of the columbarium or mausoleum. They will be removed and disposed of promptly. Flowers may be placed at the ends of the columbarium for special occasions.
  5. During the grass growing season, we have established a date of April 1st for the removal of artificial flowers and wreaths.
  6. St. Stephen Cemetery assumes no responsibility for misplaced or missing pots, urns, flags, etc., which owners place in the cemetery at their own risk.
  7. Please note that plantings and/or decorations are not permitted to protrude outside the immediate foundation/marker area. Such protrusions that hinder the routine maintenance and lawn care of the cemetery will be removed.
  8. Niche decorations are permitted for a short term and may not obstruct the view of other niches.



  1. Monuments or markers may only be ordered by the owner of the lot or with the owner’s permission. Monuments or markers may be placed only after St. Stephen Cemetery has received payment in full for the lot & foundation.

  2. All monuments/markers must have the proper foundation, which will be installed by St. Stephen Cemetery.

  3. All monuments will be approved by St. Stephen Cemetery after a drawing is submitted from the monument company.

  4. In keeping with Christian ideals, a Christian character or emblem should be the main feature on all memorials. Prayers and Epitaphs of a positive nature, may be permitted with cemetery approval, and must be of limited wording.

  5. All monuments/markers are to be kept in a safe and proper state of repair by the owner, his/her heirs, or assignees.



  1. The purchaser of a plot in the cemetery does not acquire the property itself, but  only the “right of burial”.

  2. No interment will be permitted in the cemetery, or rights acquired by the purchaser, until such time that the full payment has been received.

  3. The interment fee is separate and distinct from the purchase of the “right of burial”. This fee must be paid in full prior to the interment.

  4. Graves, crypts and niches may be used for the burial of human remains only.

  5. Assignment or transfer of any right of burial will at all times be subject to the guidelines of St. Stephen Cemetery. No right or interest therein will be transferred or assigned without the consent of St. Stephen Cemetery. A notarized statement indicating permission of the original purchaser and/or his/her heir(s) is required.


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Other Information:

BEREAVEMENT COMMITTEE: There are three areas of bereavement support that our parish is so fortunate to have available.  They are listed below for your convenience. 

  • Funeral Liturgy Planners - Volunteers that visit the family of a departed loved one to assist in planning the funeral liturgy. 

  • Bereavement Meal Ministry - Teams of volunteers that prepare, present, and serve a wonderful meal for the family and friends of a deceased parishioner. 

  • Grief Support Group - A support group that enables those who have experienced loss to share feelings with others who have shared similar situations. 




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